Welcome to the Appivo documentation site. This is the place to find details regarding the concepts involved when using and/or building applications with the Appivo platform. If you can’t find an answer to what you are looking for please visit our community forum.

The perhaps quickest way to get acquainted with the Appivo platform is to check out our video tutorials. They are linked to from relevant places like the builder itself – check the help link in top right corner of the screen. Here’s an index of them all. It’s highly recommended to watch a couple to get started and then use them as a reference as needed.

Beginner Tutorials

Introducing the Appivo platform.

This video shows the building blocks of an application but doesn’t go into many details.

Building a simple app using the App Wizard.

This video shows how to build a very simple application using the Appivo App Wizard.

Creating a simple sensor application

This video shows how to build a very simple internet-of-things (IoT) sensor application.