We have curated a UI component library and CSS style guide for app developers. Developers can use it in the applications, both in mobile and web, and it will ease and pace up your process of making app with standard reliable UI elements.

How to use:

Component reference:

The component library provides sample preview with code to copy into your app. You can also look at properties and modify with the available variations.

Class Names using Block-Element-Modifier naming convention:

The class names for each component follow a similar pattern making for easy identification, specificity and to avoid style conflicts with other external style sheets.

Block: “.app-grid”

Always prefixed with ‘app-{blockName}’

Element: “.grid__col-6”

Block name with __element ‘{blockName}__{elementName}’

Modifier: “.is–gap-20”

Always prefixed with is– followed by modifier name ‘is–{modifierName}’

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