To build your first app binary from the My Apps page, go to the left menu, select “Mobile binaries in the Develop” section. To create a new app click on Create New App > New App page opens.

Description of fields:

Select an App
Choose which application binary will be based on.
Select a name for your app
Give your app a name. Name contains alphanumeric characters and hyphens. Names are not case sensitive.
Select a package name for your app
This identifies your application and is autogenerated by the platform. A package name can also be added manually.
Select a platform
Select the OS
– Apple iOS
– Android

✰Note: If the user has multiple store accounts, they can choose which account to be used. The first time you create an app you will need to verify yourself to Apple, this is done using the “new apple login” button. Once an app has been created, it will appear in the list and clicking on it will take you to your app details view where you can configure your application and store specific details and also build the actual binary.

The logical areas are:

  1. App Details
  2. Store Details 
  3. Builds
  4. Global

App Details

App detail page defines app specific details, author information and age related settings. These settings are applied during the build of the binary. The app details page has the following tabs:

Description of fields: Package name

This is pre-filled with the name from the create app dialog, but can be edited and will be the name for the app.
Display name
This is the name that is displayed once the app is installed on the device.
User Interface
Select which User Interface the app should use
Public UserInterface
Enter the Public UI for the application.
Primary Category
Enter from the drop down menu.
Secondary Category(optional)
This further specifies your application’s field of usage.

This section is for adding:
– Icon
– Portrait
– Landscape
– Supported format: PNG, Flattened with no transparency, Square with no rounded corners.

Author Information

This displays the name, email id and website credentials of the author and the copyright.

International Age Rating Coalition (IARC)

Age Rating is used to enable parental control of your app. Click> Configure to set the age rating.

A dialog box opens, describe the frequency/intensity of the following themes in your app, by selecting the following radio buttons:

  • None
  • Infrequent/Mild
  • Frequent/Intense

Store Details

Store detail page contains details that are shown on Apple app store storefronts. The information is localizable and able to provide it in the language supported by the app you’re based in.

Description of fields:

Enter a description. Description contains alphanumeric characters and hyphens. Names are not case sensitive.
Enter the search keywords. Keywords contain alphanumeric characters and hyphens. Names are not case sensitive.
Support URL
Enter your Support policy URLs.
Marketing URL
Enter your Marketing policy URLs.
Privacy URL
Enter your Privacy policy URLs.
This section is for showcasing your app on the store:
– Phone
– Tablet

Generate Screenshot

This tab enables you to select views to generate screenshots.

Click Add View > select the option from the drop down menu, select > Start Generating.


A build, packages your app into an archive (binary) that can run on a mobile device. This page shows all the builds you have performed for the currently selected version.

It contains a list of all your previous builds with details of the configurations and a log file for the build.

Click > New Build > a Dialog Box opens.

Description of fields:

Screen Orientation
Select the orientation of the app from the drop down menu.
IOS Target Version
Enter the target version with higher numbers indicating more recent versions.
Upload to App Store Connect ?
Select the checkbox, if you would like to upload to app store connect.
Include XCode project artifact ?
Select the checkbox, if you would like to include XCode project artifact.
URL Override
Enter a URL override, if you want your binary to run on a different environment.
VHost Override
Override the virtual host of this ride.
Debug Binary
Select the checkbox, if you would like to produce a debuggable binary.

Click > OK to commence the build of the app.

✰Note:This dialog box, contains a button to do an apple id verification, before performing your first build this must be done to verify yourself to app store connect. A “verified session” will last for about 30 days and then you will need to verify again.


Global settings lets us manage the app tenant settings and also list/create resources and certificates related to the app. One can also configure which Appstore connect account to be used (if you have multiple).

Select Lock to Current Tenant > checkbox, if you want to lock the application to a specific tenant, henceforth all users on the application will belong to the same tenant.


Version is a way of numbering different releases as it is developed and released. It is an unique alphanumeric identifier which differentiates it.
Click > Add Version > a Dialog Box opens.


This is an IOS specific functionality which gives information about the info in the appivo app project and the info in the related app store account (if they are synchronized).

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