The Marketplace is where developers submit their apps for other organizations to use. If an app is created and used within a single organization account, there is no need to use the Marketplace.

By subscribing to an app in the Marketplace, System Administrators choose to make apps created by other organizations available to users within their organization. Some apps include fees and require configuration before they are operational.

Once a System Administrator subscribes an app to their organization, they can then configure user-level subscriptions and roles like any other app.

Apps can be configured from their Marketplace listing or from the My Apps page. To configure an application > From the My Apps page, open available apps. Click on the three dots select > configure.

A new page opens.

An Administrator can see information about the app and manage various settings. An App contains the following areas:

  1. About
  2. Features
  3. Configuration
    1. Configuration
    2. Counters
    3. Terminology
  4. Assign Users
  5. Public Access


About provides information about the application regarding developer details, which includes: 

  1. Created by: Which company created this e.g. Appivo
  2. Runs On: Whether the app runs on web and/or mobile.
  3. Developer: The developers who have worked on this application.


Features displays the details about the features that are part of the application. An app can be broken down into features that can be enabled or disabled. Features are defined by the app developer and therefore vary from app to app.


Configuration contains three sections used to configure or customize the behavior of the application. Configuration settings are defined by the app developer and therefore vary from app to app:

  1. Configuration
  2. Counters
  3. Terminology


Configuration displays the values and parameters which are used by the application. For Eg: name of the application or any kind of value.


Counters can be used to track important numbers that should increment, like invoice or order numbers.


Terminologies are commonly used terms and/or strings that can be customized for the application usage.

Assign Users

Administrators can use this option to subscribe users to the app. Using this method, users will be granted the default application role. Administrators can also assign subscriptions and modify application roles via the Users menu and Group settings.

Public Access

Public Access is a feature that only pertains to applications that have a Public UI, as configured by the app developer. A Public UI allows certain app views to be accessed without authentication.

Public access lets the administrator define a custom URL for this access. Having a custom URL for Public Access is especially important if multiple tenants are using the same application, as users and their data need to be kept within their respective tenants. 

✰Note: Information on how to publish an application to the Marketplace is contained in the Developer Guide.