The Mobile Addons section allows app developers to include plugins with their mobile apps. Some plugins require usage descriptions that are displayed to mobile users so that they can decide whether or not to grant that privilege.

✰Note: Submitting a mobile app to an app store without the required privilege descriptions can cause the app to be rejected.

Mobile Addons

Selecting plugins from the available list will move them to the selected list, indicating that they will be included in the next app binary build. 

Description of fields:

Background mode
Enables an app to run in background.
Launch Navigator
Lets an app launch the phone’s default GPS navigator.
Provide access to GPS.
Describe why your app needs access to geolocation?
Improves access to device cameras.
Describe how your app uses the device’s photo library?
Provides Near-Field-Communication (NFC) capabilities to android phones.
The plugin requires a usage description.
Describe how your app uses the device’s calendar?
Provides vibration control.
Eddystone Beacon Finder
Enables interaction with Eddystone Beacon, Describe how your app uses the device’s bluetooth connectivity?
Push Notification(Deprecated)
Enables push notification support.
Blind your friends!
Barcode Scanner
Plugin for scanning barcodes.
Let the user share items on social media.
ACR 122 RFID reader
A plugin that enables using an external ACS ACR122 NFC reader.
Plugin to transfer via bluetooth.
Sibo NFC
A cordova plugin that enables reading NFC tags using RFID/NFC reader for Sibo tablet.
Local notifications
This plugin sends notifications.
Speech-To-Text Plugin
Used to convert speech to text.
Describe how your app uses speech recognition?
Plugin for printer for android, IOS and windows.
Document viewer
Plugin to view PDF documents from cordova app.
Push notification
Enables push notification support.
Health plugin
This plugin is used to retrieve health data from either google fit or apple health. Need to add AndriodX support plugin as well.
Describe why your app needs to read users’ health data from the device?
Describe why your app needs to update the users’ health data on the device?
AndroidX support plugin
This plugin enables AndriodX support.
Custom URL-scheme
Adds a custom URL scheme for your app.

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