The developer manages branding settings to change the look and content of some aspects of the Appivo platform. Each app can have its own customized login page.



The developer can alter the appearance of the Login page. The Appivo login screen is provided by default, and can be viewed at

Description of fields:

Enter the name of the company.
Company name contains alphanumeric characters and hyphens. They are not case sensitive.
Enter a tagline to describe the value of a brand or its product.
Sign up link text
Enter alphanumeric text. This text is displayed for the sign up link.
Sign up link
Enter the link to register. This can be used to direct users to a website sign up form instead of the built-in registration feature.
Post activation link
Enter a valid url. After a successful registration a new user will be redirected to this link. A blank value is valid and will hide this feature.
Upload an image. It is a good idea to use images that are easily recognized by users, such as a corporate logo or app icon.
Select one of the options:
-Library Image
When using the image library, use the search feature to access hundreds of high quality images.
Enter color value for each of the options:
-Accent Color
-Border color
-Text color
-Card Background Color
-Button Text Color
When setting a color, use the color picker or enter a color hex value.

✰Note: The link for the customized login page is displayed below the preview. This link can be shared with all users to provide a branded login experience.

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