Goal: Learn how to navigate the Appivo App Builder.

  1. When you first log in you should see a screen that looks something like this. Depending on your account, you may already have some applications available to use or edit.
  2. Click Create App to launch the App Builder.
Appivo My Apps view with no apps listed.
  1. To navigate through the App Builder, expand the left-hand menus to see the available options.
  1. In most cases, you’ll start with an app name, and then proceed with Models, under the Logic menu.
  2. The Play button at the bottom-left of the screen will show your app as a user would see it. Though you’ll need to create some UI Views before checking it out.
  3. The next lessons will walk you through building a basic application.

Now that you know how to click around a bit, proceed to the next lesson.