System roles are predefined roles that control how a user interacts with the Appivo Platform. Under the Available roles section comes System roles. To assign a system role to a user. From the MyApps page, go to the left menu, select Navigate > Users. Click on the user to assign system roles.

Under the Available Roles, select the specific role by clicking > Assign. The system role gets selected under the specific app.

Description of fields:

This role has special permissions to access user accounts and control organizational settings.
This role allows users to build applications with the Appivo App Builder.
Device Manager
This role is for users who have an IOT license. Refer to the IOT documentation for more information.
Restricted Administrator
This role provides restricted access to an administrator. Users are able to manage users and subscriptions, but they may not add or manage organization-level subscriptions.

Password Management and Authentication

An Administrator can manage authentication settings for users. Specifically, an administrator can send a password reset message and toggle 2FA settings.From the MyApps page, go to the left menu, select Navigate > Users > select the user having an issue with password. Click > Edit Profile.

Click > Reset Password button, and a message will be sent to the registered email and mobile number to reset or change the password.

If two factor authentication is enabled and causing an issue, under the Reset Two Factor Authentication tab click on the REMOVE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION button to disable 2FA for the specific user.