The MobileHeading widgets are different delivery modes of the same widget that enables the creation of stylish title headings.


Mobile tab bar widget displays a horizontal row of tabs. Tabs are also created using this widget.


The RichTextArea widget allows entering or editing complex styling and formatting. It displays text with various formatting, and links.


The MobileDate field widget displays and edits fields of a date in a controlled format which allows the user to select a date from a collapsible calendar.


The MobileColumn widget is a layout that can be used to position and organize content in a vertical array as a single column on a page. Mobile column is suitable as it helps in defining several widgets rendered in a vertical column according to their order purpose.


The MobileTileField widget creates a detailed tile that can be used as part of a list view.


The AudioPlayer widget allows the end user to control audio playback, including volume, seeking, and pause/resume playback.


The MobileCalendar widget lets the user select a date from a graphical calendar.


Mobile text widget is one of the most used widgets and is used for writing text, making bulleted and numbered lists, and adding images and horizontal lines.


The MobileRow is a widget that displays a row in a horizontal view. It displays multiple widgets in the same horizontal row.