Mobile tab bar widget displays a horizontal row of tabs. Tabs are also created using this widget.


The CarouselPanel widget displays images in a carousel. It allows the use of the widget as a composable region for text widgets, and image widgets.


The TabItemContainer widget shows information categorized into tabs which allows switching visible content from a list of tab items.


The FlowContainer widget is best used for creating wizard-like instructional experiences.  It provides a unique UI/UX property to the collection of widgets.


The TabContainer widget contains one or more tab panes where widgets are placed. It has multiple panes, but shows only one pane at a time.


The GridContainer widget enables users to navigate the information or interactive elements it contains using directional navigation keys, such as Home key, end and arrow keys.


The SplitPane widget splits the app view in panes, allowing the app developer to interactively change the proportion of the width dedicated to each of the two widgets.