The FlowContainer widget is best used for creating wizard-like instructional experiences.  It provides a unique UI/UX property to the collection of widgets.

  • UI Type:

Extends: BaseWidget


Name Desciption
DisabledThe widget cannot be used.
HiddenHides the widget from the user.
MaximizeSet this widget to be maximized (take up all available space).
Tab IndexThe Tab Index is an integer that tells the order of the widget when using the tab-key to move from one widget to another.


Name Desciption
Background imageSelect a background image for the element. You can upload or choose from image library.
Background-colorChange background color of the widget.
Border colorAdd the color for the border.
Border radiusAdd curves to the borders of the widget.
Border styleThe style of the border whether it is solid, dotted or dashed.
Border widthDefine the border width in pixels for the widget.
ColorColor of the text inside the widgets. May not apply to all text inside all widgets.
Font SizeSet the font size in pixels for text.
MarginSets margin among panels within container or panel.
PaddingGenerate space around an element's content, inside of any defined borders.
Text-alignmentSet left, centered or right. Applies both to icon and text.


Name Description Event Attribute
Blur Event when a widget goes out of focus.
Click Event that triggers based on touch or click.
event The event that triggered the handler.
DblClick Event that triggers based on double click.
event The event that triggered the handler.
Focus Event when indicating/ highlighting widget using the cursor.


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