The MobileDateTimeSelector widget is used to display and edit fields of a date and time in a controlled format which allows the user to select a date from a collapsible calendar.

  • UI Type:

Extends: BaseWidget


Name Desciption
Complete weeksInclude days from previous and next month so that all days of the week are always available.
DisabledThe widget cannot be used.
Display ArrowDisplay Arrows for swiping.
Enable ScrollEnable horizontal scrolling.
HiddenHides the widget from the user.
InfiniteAllow Infinite scrolling.
LabelText label shown on the widget.
MultiselectAllow selection of multiple values.
Slides To ScrollSlides to be scrolled in one go.
Slides To ShowSlides to be preview in one go.
SpeedScrolling Speed.
Tab IndexThe Tab Index is an integer that tells the order of the widget when using the tab-key to move from one widget to another.


Name Desciption
Arrow color (for scroll type)The color of the arrow for the dropdown.
Background-colorChange background color of the widget.
Border colorAdd the color for the border.
Border radiusAdd curves to the borders of the widget.
Border styleThe style of the border whether it is solid, dotted or dashed.
Border widthDefine the border width in pixels for the widget.
ColorColor of the text inside the widgets. May not apply to all text inside all widgets.
Font SizeSet the font size in pixels for text.
Font size (date)
Font size (hour/month/weekday)
Font weightModify text style and select a range from bold to lighter font weight.
Item Padding (right left)Generate space around the widget’s left and right area.
Item Padding (top bottom)Generate space around the widget’s top and bottom area.
Label text color
Selected Item Background Color
Selected Item Text Color
Space between itemsGenerate space between each items in the list.
Text-alignmentSet left, centered or right. Applies both to icon and text.
Vertical layout (for Days)


Name Description Event Attribute
Blur Event when a widget goes out of focus.
Change Event triggered after the element has finished changing.
event The current value of the date picker.
value Values Selected by widget.
Click Event that triggers based on touch or click.
event The event that triggered the handler.
DblClick Event that triggers based on double click.
event The event that triggered the handler.
Focus Event when indicating/ highlighting widget using the cursor.


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